Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S)

Real Time Pilot (RTP) Workshop

15th-17th November 2022


Photo by Dr. Byunghwan Lim

Workshop Program

15th November 2022 12:00 UTC - 13:15 UTC Overview of the purpose of the S2S RTP
• Lightning talks from projects involved in the S2S RTP

13:30 UTC - 15:00 UTC Experiences within the S2S RTP
• Theme 1: Translating S2S forecasts into information relevant to user decisions
- Invited Talk: Matthew Janiga [Naval Research Laboratory]
- Invited Talk: Anthony Mwanthi [ICPAC]

16th November 2022 12:00 UTC - 13:20 UTC Experiences within the S2S RTP
• Theme 2: Use and evaluation of S2S forecast applications
- Invited Talk: Albert Soret   Ilaria Vigo [Barcelona Supercomputing center]
- Invited Talk: Mary Kilavi [Kenya Meteorological Department]
13:35 UTC - 15:00 UTC Experiences within the S2S RTP
• Theme 3: Producer-user engagement, co-production and legacy
- Invited Talk: Masilin Gudoshava [ICPAC]
- Invited Talk: Keith Paolo Landicho [AHA Centre]

17th November 2022 12:00 UTC - 13:30 UTC • Looking forwards: Lessons from the S2S RTP
- Invited Talk: Mike DeFlorio [UC-San Diego]
- Invited Talk: Christopher White [University of Strathclyde]
13:45 UTC - 15:00 UTC • S2S RTP Achievements and Next Steps
- Invited Talk: Beth Ebert   Carla Mooney [Bureau of Meteorology]
- Invited Talk: Kunio Yoneyama [JAMSTEC]


S2S RTP Workshop - Lightning Talks (Links to presentations):

Name Affiliation Presentation & Recordings
Linda Hirons University of Reading [Presentation ]
S2S Lightning Talks Reel

[Recordings ]
S2S RTP Workshop Tuesday 15th November 2022
S2S RTP Workshop Wednesday 16th November 2022
S2S RTP Workshop Thursday 17th November 2022
(Passcode for viewing all links: #S2SRTP2022)
Thea Turkington Centre for Climate Research Singapore
Mike DeFlorio UC-San Diego
Daniele Mastrangelo Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC)
Charles Jones University of California
Matthew Janiga Naval Research Laboratory
Ed Blanchard Wrigglesworth University of Washington
Christopher Cunningham CEMADEN
Angel Munoz IRI

S2S RTP Workshop - Invited Speaker Contributions:

Name Affiliation Abstract  Presentation 
Matthew Janiga Naval Research Laboratory Abstract Invited Talk 1 Presentation 1
Anthony Mwanthi ICPAC Abstract Invited Talk 2 Presentation 2
Albert Soret & Ilaria Vigo Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Abstract Invited Talk 3 Presentation 3
Mary Kilavi Kenya Meteorological Department Abstract Invited Talk 4 Presentation 4
Masilin Gudoshava ICPAC Abstract Invited Talk 5 Presentation 5
Keith Paolo Landicho AHA Centre Abstract Invited Talk 6 Presentation 6
Mike DeFlorio UC-San Diego Abstract Invited Talk 7 Presentation 7
Christopher White University of Strathclyde Abstract Invited Talk 8 Presentation 8
Beth Ebert & Carla Mooney Bureau of Meteorology Abstract Invited Talk 9 Presentation 9
Kunio Yoneyama JAMSTEC Abstract Invited Talk 10 Presentation 10

Information to Participants

The S2S RTP Workshop will be held across 3 days from the 15th - 17th November, for 3 hours on each day. The workshop is a virtual event which will be held over Zoom. Registered participants will receive the Zoom link ahead of the workshop via email.

Sessions will start at 12:00 UTC and close at 15:00 UTC each day.

The workshop is split into 6 sessions, 2 per day covering core topics of interest to the Real Time Pilot and S2S Forecast Application community. Each session focusses on a specific topic/theme. Within each themed session there will be 2 invited talks preceding a facilitated discussion. We are keen that this workshop is interactive and as such we will be adhering to strict time limits on speakers to ensure that we can maximise open discussion and knowledge exchange between participants.

Presentations will be recorded and made available on the workshop website after the event. Discussion sessions will not be recorded but participants will be encouraged to record their thoughts using digital whiteboards. These will be synthesised after the event.

Aim of the workshop

The Subseasonal-to-Seasonal (S2S) Real Time Pilot (RTP) Initiative has been running since 2019 with 16 projects participating.

This workshop aims to share experiences and learning from across the projects and identify future research priorities and recommendations for future WMO activities to advance the development of S2S forecasting applications.

The workshop is open to all those involved in the RTP and those wanting to learn more and engage with the initiative.

More information about the S2S RTP can be found via the S2S Predication Project website, here.

Organized by

Organization Committee Members

Joanne Robbins (Met Office, UK)
Steven Woolnough (University of Reading, UK)
Michael DeFlorio (UC-San Diego, USA)
Linda Hirons (University of Reading, UK)
Keith Paolo Landicho (AHA Centre, Indonesia)
Kamoru Abiodun Lawal (ACMAD, Niger Rep.)
Eniola Olaniyan (NIMET, Nigeria)
Christopher White (University of Strathclyde, UK)
Munehiko Yamaguchi (WMO)
Frederic Vitart (ECMWF, UK)
Andrew Robertson (IRI, USA)

Technical Support

Inja Jeon (ICO, APCC)
Gemma Cornish (NCAS, UK)
Hyejin Lee (ICO, APCC)


For those who are interested in the S2S Real Time Pilot Workshop, please register here.