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  • S2S_mjo
    S2S_mjo, 2015/02/12 15:17

    I would like to share with you the paper on MJO, written by Masanori Yamasaki, who is famous for typhoon simulation. The paper is available on line at

    He discussed the importance of the SST over the warm pool region in aqua planet model configuration, using his 20 km resolution meso-convective system model.  If the SST is not warm, the transient (dry Kelvin wave) component is dominant, but the SST is warm enough over the warm pool, the stationary component is dominant, with clear multi-scale convection activities. 

  • S2S_mjo
    S2S_mjo, 2015/04/28 14:02

    The S2S project and MJO subproject encourages the community to describe their research activities and plans, as well as observations and modeling resources, that might have relevance to the various subprojects - in this case related to MJO - MC interactions.  The next entry is an example of this sort of expression of interest.

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