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    S2S_regionact, 2021/09/16 21:26

    Dear All,

    The extended range prediction products for research/scientific use based on every Wednesday initial condition are being uploaded in every Thursday. These forecast products are based on the real-time weekly operational forecast generated by IMD using the Multi-Model Extended Range Prediction System developed at IITM.

    Rainfall, Max & Min temperatures, Heatwaves, MJO forecasts, Soil moisture (0-10cm), Relative humidity, Cyclogenesis predictions are available in the same link.
    The MME forecasts are prepared using CFS(T126 & T382) and GFS(T126 & T382). Each resolution of CFS and GFS is having 4 ensemble members.

    The subdivision-wise categorical forecast of rainfall plots is also added on an experimental basis in the above mentioned PPT.

    The IMD operational products are available at

    thanks and kind regards
    Dr (Mrs) Susmitha Joseph, IITM, Pune, India.

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