• Jonathan Paredes
    Jonathan Paredes, 2020/09/25 00:48

    Good Morning,
    Do you run courses, trainings or workshops about S2S?
    The institution where I work is interested in the following:
    -Studying influences of forecast configuration strategies.
    -Benchmarking a spread-error relationship.
    -Investigating impacts of stochastic parameterizations.
    -Exploring the impacts of coupled initial and model perturbations.
    -Ensemble Techniques.
    What should be done to take these "courses" and also to obtain an official certificate from you?
    If you could reply to jparedes@senamhi.gob.pe, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time to read.

    • Yuhei Takaya
      Yuhei Takaya, 2022/12/09 10:33

      Thank you for your interest in the topics.
      You may notice that the S2S coordinated webinar during the COVID-19 pandemic period (there was one webinar of the Ensemble sub-project). The S2S project organizes the S2S Summit (workshop) in July next year. Please check the S2S Summit website for more info. Your contribution is welcomed.

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