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11 11 There will be 3 questionnaires disseminated to sub-project researchers and users throughout the life of the Initiative. The first questionnaire will allow us to set a baseline across all sub-projects. The further two questionnaires will then allow us to obtain feedback on each sub-project’s progress and development. Questionnaires will be distributed in spring 2020, winter 2020/2021 and autumn 2021. At each dissemination, there will be one questionnaire distributed to researchers and another, separate questionnaire distributed to key users identified by each project. We will recommend that conference between the users and researchers during the completion of the questionnaires is kept to a minimum so that we can gather unbiased responses from each representative. All returned questionnaire responses will be treated as confidential and anonymous.
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14 14 * Questionnaire 1: [[Researcher>>attach:Questionnaire_Researchers_March2020.docx||style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"]] | [[User>>attach:Questionnaire_Users_March2020.docx]] (//disseminated spring 2020 and responses gathered from 13 projects//)
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16 16 **__What will happen to the results of the study?__**
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