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37 37 These efforts are being led by Zachary Lawrence. The current plan is to submit 1-2 community papers in late summer of 2021. If you would like to join these efforts, please contact the SNAP co-chairs (Amy Butler, NOAA and Chaim Garfinkel, Hebrew University) or Zachary Lawrence.
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42 42 **Upcoming Activities: experiments for operational centres to perform that isolate the role of the stratosphere on predictive skill**
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42 +A preliminary version of the Experiment Protocol for damping experiments can be viewed here:
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44 44 Recent studies including our review papers have highlighted that key to understanding stratosphere-troposphere coupling in the extra-tropics and S2S predictability more broadly is a greater understanding how the representation of tropospheric eddy-jet feedbacks contribute to this predictability. Similarly, in the tropics, a focus on the links between the QBO and MJO predictability is very important. With this in mind, our next major project is to plan, coordinate, and analyze an experiment in which the stratosphere is damped towards observed stratospheric events, replicating earlier idealised studies in simpler, low- resolution models which helped to develop more detailed theories for how planetary and synoptic scale eddies contribute to coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere. Peter Hitchcock will be the scientific lead.
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46 46 The test cases will be NH SSWs during two recent winters with very different tropospheric impact (2018 and 2019) and the 2019 SH warming, which has likely contributed to the extreme wildfires over Australia in 2019/20. The goals of this project are:
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