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1 1 [[http:~~/~~/>>url:]]
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4 -Australian Monsoon and Indian Monsoon rainfall indices, updated in realtime (Australian Bureau of Meteorology):
5 -[[http:~~/~~/>>url:]] (bottom of page)
4 +[[Australian and Indian Monsoon Indices>>url:]], updated in realtime at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (follow link under Project Specific Products).
6 6
7 -Soon to be provided: Marshall and Hendon (2015) manuscripts on subseasonal prediction of active and break monsoon episodes in POAMA and the role of the MJO.
6 +
7 +Marshall and Hendon (2015) manuscript on [[Subseasonal Prediction of Australian Summer Monsoon Anomalies>>url:]] in POAMA and the role of the MJO.
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